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    Default "Hi Bought this boat used and

    "Hi Bought this boat used and have no owners manual. What is the proper procedure to start engine. It has no choke. Hard cold starting, after finally starting will start fine rest of day. Put new primer bulb on no help. Any thing to check? Can hear click when push key in. Thanks everyone."

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    Default "Hello Bruce - the XR6's w

    "Hello Bruce - the XR6's which are parts of Merc's "Black Max" series have what's called an "enrichment system" in place of a traditional choke.

    The system kinda "leaks" fuel down to the intakes via small tubes which are controlled by a little solenoid valve.

    To operate it you turn the ignition key to ON (but not all the way to start) and then push the key in and hold for a few seconds. This sends an electric current to the solenoid, forcing it open and then gravity takes over.

    Depending how well it works on your particular motor you may have to keep the key depressed for 5-10 seconds on a cold start.

    Since you are hearing the click (solenoid activating), at least you know it's getting power and is (probably) opening - however, you still could have a clogged line to or from the solenoid itself.

    So I would start with depressing the key for various lengths of time (start at about 5 seconds and work up from there), however, if you get much past 10 without any noticable improvement I would investigate the little fuel lines on the enrichment system..."

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    Default "Thanks a lot, Graham. This in

    "Thanks a lot, Graham. This info helps a lot. Much better starting now. Still think I have small problem. I was fishing Lake Murray Friday. Started ok at dock. About 1 hour later tried to start again. You turn key, engine trys to start and but won't quite start, this went on for 15 or 20 attempts. Then it fired off ok. You said to check lines from solenoid, can I take compressed air and blow these lines out? Could 1 or 2 lines be clogged & cause this problem? Thanks again to Graham."

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    Default Youj might be flooding it. If

    Youj might be flooding it. If the engine is warm you dont need to use the enriching system. This is my experience with my 150 black max

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