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    Default I don't feel any disengage

    I don't feel any disengagement when the "lever" is moved to neutral and the prop still turns over. This engine has not been run for several years. Has good compression. Any help is wellcomed.... Any place recommended for a manual and parts? Mike

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    Default "Mike, sounds like the shift l

    "Mike, sounds like the shift linkage is stretched or broken.

    For parts and a manual you can try www.laingsoutboards.com - they specialize in the smaller "vintage" motors.

    Your particular model was produced by West Bend which was bought out by Chrysler which was bought out by Bayliner (U.S. Marine) which was bought out by Brunswick (who owns Mercury) - with the line actually finishing it's life cycle as a FORCE outboard.

    However, the parts and designs changed many times along the way and it finally died completely in the 1990's.

    It is however, a generic little motor from that time period and you may find that parts from other little generic's can be used/cobbled or retrofitted to work with it.

    Given that it's value is somewhat less than 100 bucks (in running condition), and there are hundreds of similar models available in the used market, I wouldn't invest alot of money in to getting it running..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default "Hey Mike. I just started up a

    "Hey Mike. I just started up a webfite specializing in parts for the earlier Elgins.
    The mid 40s through mid 50s green ones in particular. Let me know if you need anything else, maybe some of the parts from the earlier ones will fit. If not, I make a lot of my own stuff so...if need be we can look into making your parts.
    With regards to the parts books there are a few vendors on Ebay that carry original stuff still in the plastic. I have his name somewhere and have gotten excellent books from the 50s!
    Thanks, mike O"

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    Default "Franz at Franz Marine has par

    "Franz at Franz Marine has parts for some of the West Bend Sears motors.

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