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    Default "I am not hands on with the 8v

    "I am not hands on with the 8v92 detroit engine frequently but I would appreciate some input with this problem. I had a fuel leak on the right/rear cylinder head from a fuel passage plug hole (finding this to be a frequent problem). I R&R the head, after installing the proper plug in the rear of the head. This fixed that leak. Now I have a FUEL leak between the right cylinder head (rear along side) and the engine deck just above the R/R cylinder. It's towards the rear, just below the exhaust mani. I replaced all o-rings and torqued the bolts accordingly per TM. I have R&R this head 2x now thinking that I didn't get a cylinder crush ring seated properly. After replacing the second time with all new o-rings, crush rings, this still did not fix this problem. I have removed head for the 3rd time now and am prepping for magnaflux. Like said before, this IS A FUEL (not oil) leak. The way the oil galley towards the outer edge of the engine deck has baffled me on how fuel could get there with the fuel passageways drilled towards top of engine. The exhaust valve stems,seats,cylinder manifold, piston all dry and uniform to other cylinders/combustion chambers. I'm reading the fuel passageways are thin copper lines in head and prone to cracking. Apologize for the excessive typing but wanted to be detailed. Any suggestions would be much appreciated."

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    Default Uploading a picture would defi

    Uploading a picture would definitely help.

    Is the engine white smoking badly? Almost sounds like maybe that cylinder is pumping raw fuel and it's leaking from the exhaust manifold to cylinder head gasket onto the engine block. Could be a blown injector tip.

    This is all if I'm reading your post correctly....

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