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Thread: Merc 350 35 hp

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    Default Can anyone tell me if a 69 mer

    Can anyone tell me if a 69 merc 350 35 hp has the same powerhead as a 1963 merc 350 35 hp?

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    Default "No, not the same. After t

    "No, not the same.

    After the 1965 model year the 350 (35 horse) which had been utiizing a 30 cubic inch block went to a 32.5 cubic inch block which it continued to use until the model 350 was discontinued in 1969.

    Now, if your question is can you swap out a 63 powerhead and mount a 69 powerhead there instead - maybe - might bolt up exactly or may have to do a bit of jury rigging.

    Would also have to confirm that the spline count and shaft diameter was the same on the drive shaft so they would mate up (my Merc parts lists don't go back past the 65 model year so can't look it up for ya)...."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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    Default "thanks for your help, that bu

    "thanks for your help, that bums me i found a complete 63 merc 350 for a hundred bucks. This power head seems very difficult to get a hold of for some reason for as many that were built i cant seem to find one."

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