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    Default "To all newbies like myself.

    "To all newbies like myself. Use the SEARCH at the top of page. With over 40 thousand posts most items in the maintenance area have been answered. After a couple of posts myself, I found the huge amount of knowledge in this forum. Thank you to all who put so much time into helping the rest of us.
    Complete Rebuild, 1967 17' Mur-Tex, 1966 type MR outdirve, 1965 120hp 4 cyl. Started the motor Labor day weekend. It was sweet! Thanks to all who helped. Had to give up the carport to keep peace in the valley so the weather has set me back a spell. After reading many of the posts that said I would need the alignment tool I cant say how much that is dead on advise. We aligned the motor to the transom today and without the tool I would be eating lead right now. Nothing like the right tool for the job.
    Havent gotten over my wire issues as the weather has been Seatattle wet. Problem was new wiring was DOA. Boat store could not get satisfaction from distributor so I gave them permission to tell distr where to park his barge. We moved on and new wire is in. Tests show no issues and we plan to run the ignition circuits within the next week. Of course weather permitting.
    One question bout the old hardware. I have some very rare Tom Faul lights and cleats. I have found a couple of outfits that will restore the old pot metal items. Can any one share some good or bad experiences with getting old metal chromed? Have had the same question on the hot rod forums but no response. Just crickets.
    Again, Big HOOOYAAAH to those that have helped make this one heck of a trip. We are shooting for the end of April as a launch date but I think that is optimistic.
    TxGalz Dah "

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    Default "Hats off to you for restoring

    "Hats off to you for restoring an oldie but goodie.. I'm on a multiyear floating restoration ( i.e., do what I can after launch each season) on a 1969, 23 ft ChrisCraft Lancer and a 1972, 22 ft Bristol (auxiliary)... or as I tell folks after my third drink at a cocktail party... "I own a 45 ft motorsailer.""
    Capt Bob
    1969 23ft ChrisCraft Lancer
    Merc 5.7L 260HP/ Volvo 280
    1972 22ft Bristol
    Honda 7.5HP 4 stroke Long shaft

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