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    Default "I have had overheating issues

    "I have had overheating issues and here is what I have done so far. New impellor- the whole kit and water tube on my alpha 1 gen 2 leg. riser has been rodded out. new thermostat. new head gasket fitted,( no leaks here, i was hoping for a leak)new recirculating pump. New water shutter valve as last one melted. Engine will idle at normal temp but when in gear slowly increases at increased rpm until too hot. No water in cylinders, no water in oil.
    Guys I am all out of ideas! water appears to be coming in ok but perhaps not enough when revving higher. Help.


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    Default If incomming water is good the

    If incomming water is good then out going water or lack of is the problem. ( manifold) more suspect is the (risers)
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