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    Default "I have a question about fuel.

    "I have a question about fuel.

    I am in the process of winterizations for my boat like many others are. Guy, I have your check list and that has been helpful.

    Currently I have an almost full tank of gas in the boat now, but probably some of that gas is from the end of last year too. I always use gas stabilizer, I am not sure I should let this tank set through the winter? Any thoughts? I am thinking I should pump the gas out ( I know that will be a pain!) and fill tank with fresher gas.

    Also, I have not normally not fogged the engine, but would, of course, drain the water. I store the boat in a garage under the house and the temp is usually in the 60's, and I usually pull the boat out a few times a winter and start it and let it run for half an hour or so (on muffs), and then drain the water again. Does anyone know of any problems that might cause too?


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    Default Jasson: The gas is fine. R


    The gas is fine. Running it on muffs a few times doesn't hurt it but isn't necessary if you fogged the engine. If you are worried about the gas going bad then add another bottle of Stabil to the tank and haul the boat around a few miles to mix it w/the fuel. Double dosing the fuel doubles the fuel life w/Stabil.

    If you feel the need to change the fuel then get a hand siphon and pump it out from the fuel tank. Disconnect the batteries first and ventilate the bilge!! Fumes will settle in the bilge when pumping out fuel that way.
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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    Default "jASON im with guy on this but

    "jASON im with guy on this but you seem a bit concerned about the fuel so if its that much of a concern to ya then siphon it out and put new fuel in it and double dose it with stabil"

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    Default "Thanks for the help! With

    "Thanks for the help!

    With all the talk about methanol/water, just curious what everyones thoughts were.


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