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    Sep 2009
    Middlebury center, PA, USA

    Default Montgomery Ward Sea King 1973 5 HP Clinton K500

    "I just picked this sweet old motor up at a yard sale. I think it was made in 1973. The full model # is K500 3108c. Type XTV 52250, serial # 1051885. Could someone tell me the proper fuel mix? The owner said 40:1. But I think he is refering to the new motors and synthetic mixes. Should it be 20:1?"

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    Jan 2007
    Edgerton, Minnesota,

    Default Go with the 40:1 using either

    Go with the 40:1 using either regular TCW-3 or a synthetic TCW-3. Most motors made after 1970 (and some from the 60's) were designed to run on 50:1 mix. Your motor is a KTV 52250 which is 1975 model.

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    Default Re: Montgomery Ward Sea King 5HP Clinton K500

    I have a montgomery ward 5HP boat motor model number I do believe is: 15GG-9015 and serial number is: 384935. And was wondering if anyone could give me any information to this particular boat motor. As far as how old it might be ect.

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