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    Default I have a 2006 StingRay 240cs w

    I have a 2006 StingRay 240cs with a Mercrusier 350 MPI V8. I would like to change the oil myself. Can anyone help me with doing that with this engine setup?

    Thanks for your assistance.

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    Default "Can you see the oil filter?

    "Can you see the oil filter? If it is on the front of the port head then you are lucky to have a remote filter. MERC. PN: 35-866340Q03 REMOTE OIL FILTER. Replace the filter; prime it as stated below only if it is NOT mounted upside down. Install the same as below.

    Look on the lower port side for a non-remote filter. MERC. PN: 35-802885Q With Out Remote Oil Filter. Lefty loosey, righty tighty. Put a big rag under the filter. Loosen the filter a little. Slip a small coffee can under the filter and allow room for your fingers to spin it off. Wipe the engine face clean w/a paper towel. Take the new filter and slowly pour clean oil into the center hole; 1/2 to 3/4 qt. to prime the filter. Smear a layer of clean oil on the gasket. Install the filter until the gasket touches the engine mount. Now hand tighten 3/4 turn more.

    When you remove the bilge plug from the stern is there a chain or wire connected to it? If there is then pull it until a hose end appears w/a plug. That's a remote drain. Drain the oil warm and open the oil fill cap for better draining. Need 2 gal. jugs.

    If it does not have one then you need a drill pump available at most auto parts. Use zip ties to hold the hose and suction tube to the pump. The tube goes into the dipstick. Then run the drill until it can't suck out any more oil; 4.5 to 6 qts.

    Replace the remote drain if equipped. Open the oil fill cap and install fresh oil per the capacity for your engine; 5 to 6 qts.

    If you don't use a Merc. filter then AC Delco is a quality filter. If you don't use Merc. 25W40 oil (they make synthetic) then synthetic Mobil 15W40 & 15W50 and Penzoil 15W40 & 15W50 are good oils and regular Shell Rotella 15W40, AC Delvac 15W40 or Penzoil 15W40 are also good oils."
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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