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    Default "hi, I have a 2000 M


    I have a 2000 MB Sports Boss 190 with a PCM 5.7 Chev 350(TBI)....model# PLAPR10E.....(if it helps).

    The boat starts just fine and runs good for 2-3 minutes then completely dies. It will also run perfect(no sputtering or loss of power) until it dies the first time. This has been happening to me a few time this summer but would just die while I was driving. After I let it sit for a few minutes it would start up and be fine the rest of the day.

    I have done a ton tinkering trying to figure this problem out. What it seems to be doing is the fuel pumps(both electric) quit working and thats the reason it dies. I was able to see the injectors spraying fuel when i first kick the starter and after it dies they no longer spray when kicking the starter. Also I can usually feel or hear the pump turn on when you turn the key. It will Start again after I let it sit for a while but same 2-3 minutes then dies.

    I have already replaced both fuel relays and put a new ignition switch in. I have also traced the wires for the pumps and cant see any bad connections. I looked over and cleaned every connection I could find that would matter too.

    Are the pumps going out??(Didnt think it would be this because both pumps quit together)unless both going out?

    Is there some kind of fuel cutoff or breaker somewhere????
    Could the filter element in the Fuel Control Cell be clogged and cause it to shut off????(just ordered fuel filter replacement kit so I can try that)

    Or am I on the total wrong track with the fuel thing?

    Please Help


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    Default "Bill: if you have spark bu


    if you have spark but no fuel when it dies, it could be the oil pressure switch. USCG regs require automatic cutoff of an electric pump with loss of oil pressure. I'm not dialed in to how PCM has done it but would expect them to use a 'standard' method. The economical implementation routes the +12V line, to the fuel pump, thru a N.O. switch screwed into the block. Your owner's manual should have the wiring diagram in the back. These switches fail rather frequently. A test light is handy for those checks."

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    Default Re: 2000 PCM 57 Chev TBIjust dies after 23 minutesplease help

    Also, some of the PCM's shut down if the transmission oil is low for the same reason. Check the tranny fluid with the motor running. Top off if needed.

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