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Thread: Ethanol

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    Default "Ethanol is a very good cleani

    "Ethanol is a very good cleaning agent and if you put E10 fuel in an older tank, you will flush all kinds of stuff out of the tank into the fuel system. That is why Yamaha tells you to use 10 micron filters on their engines. If you get any moisture in the tank with E10, it will mix with the ethanol and the water/ethanol mix will drop to the bottom of the tank and will be sucked up by the fuel pickup. Alcohol/water mix will go through a fuel filter and into the engine. It will not burn but will shut the engine down. Usually if you can drain it out of the engine, you can restart with no problem other than now the octance level of the fuel is less than what is needed by the engine. The new fuel stabilizers form a barrier between the fuel and air keeping moisture from getting to the fuel. Shelf life of E10 fuel is 2 weeks."

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    Default "This season I ran E-15 which

    "This season I ran E-15 which is available in 89 octane from a local fuel dealer in my part of Eastern Ontario. He sells it for the same price as regular.

    Since there is a push for more ethanol enhancement I figured I'd give it a try for myself since we may have no choice in a few years.

    Anyhow, I always use fresh gas (anything left over after a day out goes in my truck - even if it's mixed 50:1, the truck don't seem to mind), plus I always run stablizer.

    You may think you don't need it if you always run fresh fuel, but unless either you are positive that you will run it again within a week or you drain the entire fuel system on your outboard after each trip out, you need to run stablizer.

    There is gas remaining in the carb bowl or fuel rails, gas line, fuel pump, in-line filters, VST's, return lines, bleed lines, etc and it will get just as old, just as quick, even though it's not sitting in a gas tank.

    Anyhow, I had no problems at all with the E-15. None of the 4 motors I ran it in coughed, sneezed or developed any problems.

    There was no noticable change in performance either good or bad, so as long as the price stays the same as regular, I plan on running it again next season....

    We can all gripe about it being here, but the fact is, it's not going away in our lifetime (unless we totally run out of oil) so we may just as well learn to live with it...."

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    he big problem with the new gas with ethanol is the water they always said gas and water dont mix but in this case ethanol molecules abd water molecules combine to make a solid if left sitting for an extended time,less than 3 weeks.

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