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    Default "I have a '94 Mercury 75 h

    "I have a '94 Mercury 75 hp outboard that runs fine for about 20 minutes, then drops off power and will not let me get it back on plane. I can go clutch speed around the lake for hours but it will not go back on plane. This is now my third time back to the boat yard, they replaced the propeller hub the first time and throttle cables/adjusted the timing the second. Any one have any thoughts? Neither of these repairs fixed the problem."

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    Default "Hi Mark, Not an expert b

    "Hi Mark,
    Not an expert but it sounds like your high speed windings.Test continuity,then heat with hairdryer,Graham's thought,loss of continuity bad stator.Note the way I pass the blame "

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    Default "Thanks Noel [img][/img] Ye

    "Thanks Noel [img][/img]

    Yes, definately sounds like a stator problem but should have the entire ignition system tested (stator, trigger, coils, wires etc) - sometimes triggers will develop a "phantom problem" that is really tough to track down.

    However, It really does sound like you have a bad high speed bobbin that is losing connectivity when it heats up (but could be a plug coil as well that's giving up when hot and you don't even notice it's only running on 2 cylinders).

    Both can be tested (without the motor running) with an ohm meter and a hair dryer - can give you the proceedure if you want to try that route..."

    A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it :)

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