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    Default we have a 1996 40hp 2 stroke.

    we have a 1996 40hp 2 stroke.
    normaly we found most to be 50-1 mix.
    but this has a sticker saying 100-1 on it.

    just trying to find out what mix goes in.
    thanks again

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    Default "Not sure where the sticker ca

    "Not sure where the sticker came from - the service manuals covering all the 40 horse models during that period call for 50:1

    Yamaha was the only mfg successful at producing a 100:1 outboard and even though they build or provided parts for many of the Merc models, there was not a Merc model rated for 100:1 - at least one that you pre-mixed.

    OMC also had a couple years of 100:1 motors in the late 80's - they found it to be a problem and issued a statement, that could well apply to any motor (aside from the Yami's so designated).

    You can decide for yourself, personally, I would be running 50:1 if you use the motor for anything more than trolling...


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