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Thread: Map sensor

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    Default "I have a 1994 5.0 volvo penta

    "I have a 1994 5.0 volvo penta, i can not get to run right, i have put new map sensor on it, but the vacum line going to the map sensor with the filter looked dirty, so i changed it.still will not run right, so i took the filter off while it was running,so now the vacum line is just out in open,it runns like new now. But there is nothing going to sensor now but the wires. my ? is why, and will it hurt it to run open?"

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    Default "I just got back home from the

    "I just got back home from the river. I got it to idle really good, but i can not get over three quarter throttle, then it starts to back fire, any suggestions?"

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