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    Default Just picked up a 1975 Glastron

    Just picked up a 1975 Glastron v179. It has a 4cyl volvo inboard. How do I identify which actual motor this is? The engine has a bad head gasket which I believe was brought on by a bad pump in the outdrive. I have pulled off the cylinder head but would like to pull the entire engine to inspect and rebuild. How do I separate the engine from the outdrive and how do I get to the water pump in the outdrive? I am new to all this but am trying to put together a nice boat for the family to enjoy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I believe one of the highly re

    I believe one of the highly respected members IMO will direct you to look for a brass plate on the block. You need an engine model # such as AQ___/275. The number after the slash will represent the drive model that was installed at the factory.

    You have the right forum to seek advice!

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    Default "Firstly, Volvo has never had

    "Firstly, Volvo has never had any water pumps in the drive, they were all on the engine.
    If you do not find any brass plate, on your engine on port side of the block, there should be some casting numbers. Most likely a B20 hooked to a 270 drive.
    Final option might be to post some pics of engine and drive."

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