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    Default "Hi all,As I've been test

    "Hi all,As I've been test running engine(with outdrive in a big poly barrel)I noticed anti-freeze coming out from under cap,and from screw
    (2ND from port,forward @ top of tank)...Anyway,today I checked cap it seemed springey even when turned down all the way.I grabbed cap off my old engine.It seemed to have a more secure fit.I ran engine @ 3000 RPM's,about 10 minutes smaller amount of fluid from under cap and from screw.Temp didn't spike as much though.I'm thinking of getting new 7 lb.cap,VP.I'm going to remove screw and apply some thermostat housing sealer,in hole where screw goes...With a block of wood,I am going to lightly rub(with 400 grit sand paper)on top of where cap goes...I think main culprit is that the screw isn't keeping tank pressurized...PS I replaced hose connector when engine was changed out...Brand new water pump too...I've fished around archives regarding this any other thoughts?

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    Default "I have a related problem on m

    "I have a related problem on my 5.7 FWC MERC. I've had it since the engine is new.
    Last week I was sitting on the deck with my feet in the bilge taking a break and for the umpteenth time, removed the cap on the expansion tank. This time, due to my eye level, I noticed that the flange that the cap seals on was bent very slightly up, preventing a good seal.
    The trick, of course, will be bending it back without making it worse or breaking it..."
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