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Thread: Ignition help

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    Default "have 1984 bayliner siera 350c

    "have 1984 bayliner siera 350chevy volvo penta. had distrributor updated last fall with electonic igniton but runs crappy. got about 8 hrs out of it and burned two rotors, the side of the rotor is missing. idles rough but when 2-3000 rpms smooths out. put load on it and runs rough, no power. Thinking of putting new mallory dist. in but they told me to post here so i dont waste money on dist. because it could be something else. The distributor is original. Any ideas out there? sure would appreciate ideas.

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    Default "Did you change the spark plug

    "Did you change the spark plugs at the same time last fall? IFSO, did you set them to the correct gap. Did you change the plug wires?"
    Capt Bob
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    Default "If you suspect the problem is

    "If you suspect the problem is ignition, I would first check that the timing is as per specifications (both at idle and at around 4000 RPM); that the firing order is correct (i.e. the ignition leads go to the correct spark plugs and none is swapped), that rotor and cap are in good condition and are the correct ones for your distributor, and that the ignition coil is wired correctly.

    If you suspect that the rough running could be a carb problem, you may want to start checking that the carb choke is not acting-up, and that the secondaries are properly adjusted (if 4-barrel).

    I will add a few more things to check if nothing of the above cures the problem."

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    Default "Did anyone check the advance

    "Did anyone check the advance curve and mechanism while this update was done?
    An old worn ignition distributor may not offer the correct advance by now. (parts wear and break and things change)
    The electronic conversion intrinsically does nothing to correct this.

    My recommendation for a good ignition would be a YLM 624 AV...... This is the magnetic reluctor style triggering device.

    Your get:
    New housing
    New shaft/bushings
    New drive gear
    New cap/rotor
    New advancing mechanism
    And the quality and accuracy of the reluctor magnetic pick up triggering device.

    Be sure to check your TAT (total advance timing) when you set this up (if you install one).
    Your OEM specs will give you the information needed.
    These will usually limit out by 3,200-3,400 rpm.

    Ditto El P on the posible carburetor issue."
    Rick ... aka Ricardo..... AQ series Volvo Penta repair
    Portland, Oregon
    28' SDN F/B w/ twin Volvo Penta 5.7L DP's

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    Default thank you guys for the ideas a

    thank you guys for the ideas and will be checking them out. thanks again

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