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    Default "A little story of what happen

    "A little story of what happened to me today.
    I need to change the prop on my outdrive, my boat is on a mooring, only 5 minutes drive from my house,but a good 10-15 minute row away from the slipway in my rubber dinghy.
    I thought I would be clever and phone the main VP dealer here in England to find out the socket size I would need to take off my prop.
    I phoned the dealer and politely asked to speak to the technical department, I was put on hold for a few minutes, when the tech guy answered I asked him the size of the socket I would need to remove the prop nut, he said sorry sir I do not know,but I know a man who does, please hold. So I did for about 5 minutes, the guy comes back on the phone and says what drive do you have? ,so I told him the required info,he puts on hold for a few more minutes, he then comes back and says you need a 30mm socket, so I thank him and hang up.
    I now get my rubber dinghy from the back garden pump it up,put it on my roof rack, drive to the slip, take the dinghy off the roof and put it in the water,go back to the car get the 30mm socket and wrench, row all the way to the boat, remove the split pin and retaining tab, get the socket and put it on the nut. ITS TOO F'#<ING BIG.
    I find a spanner in the boat, a 26mm one,its a vey tight fit, so the nut is not even metric!!!.
    anyway I thought I will give it a go, No I will not, because I then drop the spanner in 30ft of water.
    The moral here is " do not ask a mooron for help ask somebody who knows"
    Hope this little story made you smile.

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    Default "Indeed <[img]"http://www.mari

    "Indeed "

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    Default "And if you had posted that qu

    "And if you had posted that question here you would get 4 answers and one of them would be right. &#40;Would bet on El P&#39;s answer.&#41; I would guess 1 and1/8 inch or , or 1 and1/16th. 6 sided"

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    Default This is a typical 'nut cas

    This is a typical &#39;nut case&#39;!

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    Default "You can chalk it up to a good

    "You can chalk it up to a good memory. Just think of someone watching you. There would be a &#34;tink tink&#34; sound as the wrench hit something metallic and then bounced off another metal part. Then a single &#34;blub&#34; as it hit the water and sank into Davey Jones locker. The look on your face would have been priceless. I can imagine you looking at the water, then at the outdrive, then back at the water with a look that can only say &#34;did that really just happen?&#34;.Of course we&#39;d need to ask if you invented any new curse words .

    I can only describe these things because I&#39;ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt . Just think - tomorrow has GOT to be a better day"

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    Default "Was working on my Honda 7.5 l

    "Was working on my Honda 7.5 longshaft 4 stroke on my sailboat one day. &#40;Yes, I&#39;m a glutton for punishment and own 2 boats!&#41; Got lazy and left the engine on the transom instead of lifting it off and laying it on the cockpit seat when &#40;to quote Salty&#41;... &#34;a single &#34;blub&#34; as it hit the water and sank into Davey Jones locker&#34;

    While I didn&#39;t invent any new curse words, I did recall a few from my Italian grandparents.

    It was a good socket from my &#34;Husky&#34; set. Soooo... I went to Home Despot looking for a strong magnet and found one on a pole &#40;used for sweeping metallic stuff up&#41;. Since the water in the slip off the stern of my boat is a bit over 5 ft, I used duct tape to tape the short pole to a boat hook. About 15 mins of methodical probing and I got my socket back... plus a ratty old screwdriver someone else dropped in there.

    If we had a forum for &#34;stupid stuff I&#39;ve done&#34; I&#39;d be a major poster.... Just last night I heard the dreaded &#34;clink.. clink...thonk..&#34; Fortunatly it was in the bilge where I could find it... not like last month when I dropped a fine thread nylock nut into the bilge and it found a partially blocked &#40;w/fiberglass&#41; limber hole in a stringer."
    Capt Bob
    1969 23ft ChrisCraft Lancer
    Merc 5.7L 260HP/ Volvo 280
    1972 22ft Bristol
    Honda 7.5HP 4 stroke Long shaft

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