"I am having problems trying to figure out some starting issues with my 2002 Four Winns 4.3gl Volvo Penta boat. Last month when trying to start the boat (at the lake) I would turn the key to Start and nothing would happen, after a few tries, I was able to turn the engine over and start the boat. The problem seemed to be intermittent. Eventually, I would not be able to start it at all and then took it to the shop and they replaced the 5 terminal relay #4RD 960 388-31. This seemed to solve the problem, however last Sunday before I took the boat out I started it up at home and ran it for about 5 min. to make sure there were no issues. When I got to the lake, no start. Nothing, nada. I tried for about the next 2 hours off and on while electric trolling. 5 hours later at home, nothing. That night I (as always) hooked up the power cord to the built in battery tender, and left it on. The next day I removed the cord and attempted to start the boat just to see, and presto!, it started. What the heck is going on? Is it the relay? Is it the battery charger? Why does it start but not at the lake? And it did similar problems as other posts by not starting after stopping the boat to swim for a while too. Any help or ideas would be nice, thanks. }}"