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    Default "My DV20 appears to be steamin

    "My DV20 appears to be steaming a little too much, there is enough water flow and the engine starts easily and runs well. Oli looks ok at first glances. How can I test?

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    Default "G'day Kiwi, O

    "G'day Kiwi,
    Oil should be pure black water contamination will show as grey tinge. Dv20s have a habit of getting scale build up in head to manifold area this can sometimes be fixed by filling engine with Vinigar let soak for 24hs then flush check overboard for results,apart from previous, start at sea cock and check thru system for any restrictions pay particuliar attention to impeller,thermostat [working] and exh elbow injection point.If no joy exh manifold will have to come off for clean out. Hope this helps. Shakey."

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    Default "Thanks Doug, Oil looks ok b

    "Thanks Doug,
    Oil looks ok but will recheck. I have done the phosforic acid reverse flush and a lot of much came out. Water flow looks normal, but could be slightly low. But plenty. Sort of steams from the get go so that is why I am a bit woried as it looks like "burnt" water. I am no diesel mac but quite technical savvy."

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    Default Re: How to test for blown head gasket

    Steam in the head or around the valves will pit your head and valve seats killing your engine.

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