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    Default I have a 86 Westerbeke fwc 8kw

    I have a 86 Westerbeke fwc 8kwg Gas genset that I lazer temped and notice the exhaust elbow got up to 400-degrees??? (just past the asbestos sleeve) The exhaust manifold stayed at 160 and heat exchanger 130. I have never thought to laser temp it in the past...but this seems excessively hot. plenty of waterflow out the wet exhaust. (recently rebuilt raw water pump) Connected to the outside of the elbow is the temp themorstat which is suppose to shut down above 250. So I am confused. Thoughts anyone

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    Default "Hi richard, Iam no

    "Hi richard,
    Iam not familiar with the 8kwg, but if you are talking obout the uncooled section of exhaust pipe between the manifold end and the water injection site, 400f is quite possible dependant on gen loading .Lagging may be a bit short. Just my thoughts,Shakey."

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