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    Default "Hi, I need a rundown of the e

    "Hi, I need a rundown of the engine alignment process for alpha one v8. I replaced my engine so i am starting from scratch. ( i have searched this site but all i found was questions about the need for the alingnet tool) I HAVE THE TOOL. i need help on how to do this, i have been adjusting the mounts all day and am not making any progress. is there any science to this or is it a matter of keep adjusting till it slips in.
    the best i got was the tool to go in but the outdrive would not."

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    Default "Jeff, what ever you do, don&#

    "Jeff, what ever you do, don't force it...

    Below is the instructions listed in the 1998 to 2001 Mercruiser Sterndrive Service Manual:

    <center><table border=1><tr><td>[img]http://www.marineengine.com/discus/icons/mime_pdf.gif""" align=left alt=""application/pdf"">Stern Drive Alignment
    Alignment_1998_2001V8ServiceManual.pdf (74.4 k)</td></tr></table></center>

    Others will give you some good input/suggestions as well."

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    Default "Quite simply all you need is

    "Quite simply all you need is patience and a spanner. I found it best to put the adjusting nuts right to the top and start buy adjusting them down one full turn each side until the alignment tool slips in and out without too much force.

    When putting the outdrive in, don&#39;t forget to get someone to spin the prop so the splines slide in too. Although you may have the shaft lined up perfectly, the splines maybe out of line and stopping it from slipping into place.

    Best of luck."

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    Default Slap some spline grease on the

    Slap some spline grease on the tool. It&#39;s aligned when the grease is spread evenly all around the shaft.
    Fix minor things (replace wear items for preventative maintenance.) that cause major problems before they break.

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    Default "O.K. from what i read, thi


    from what i read, this is what i came up with:

    a&#41; Lift the engine with the center eye over the t-stat. using chainfall or other lifting device.

    b&#41; Attempt to insert solid end of Alignment Tool through gimbal bearing and
    into engine coupler splines. If it will not insert easily proceed to following.

    c&#41;carefully raise or lower the engine, as necessary,&#40;via the hoist on the lift tab&#41; and attemp to insert tool.

    d&#41;When tool slides in freely. Adjust front engine mounts until they rest on boat stringers

    e&#41; Relieve hoist tension entirely and fasten both front mounts to boat stringer

    f&#41;Recheck alignment with alignment tool. Tool must enter coupler splines freely. If not,
    readjust front mounts

    g&#41;When alignment is correct, tighten locknut or nut with lockwasher on each mount
    securely. Bend tab washer down against flat on adjusting nut.

    when steps a-e done.
    step f&#41; readjust alignment, is there a process for this or is it just fuss with it till you get it.

    when steps a-g are complete should the outdrive slide right on &#40;with splines lined up&#41; or should it need some persuasion.

    also did i skip any steps in the procces or is the a better way to do this?"

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    Default "When properly aligned the out

    "When properly aligned the outdrive should slide all the way in using just your hands, no big heavy mallets required."

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    Default "Jeff,do you have the alignmen

    "Jeff,do you have the alignment tool with the centering or guide plate? This centering Plate slides over the alignment tool and as it slides in&#40;alignment tool&#41;,make sure it not only goes thru the gimble bearing but up to and into the engine coupling. The plate must be centered on the outdrive&#39;s Bell housing opening. If the shaft goes all the way in and into the eng coupling,your outdrive will go in unless the spline are damaged."

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    Default "The tool takes the place of t

    "The tool takes the place of the drive ,so if it fit`s the drive should also."

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    Default If you can not get the alignme

    If you can not get the alignment tool to slide easily let us know what the order of the parts you used when attaching the rear motor mounts to the transom assembly.

    If you did not assemble it correctly then the engine will be out of alignment and will not be able to adjusted by the front motor mounts.
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