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    Default AQ131A has good idle and prop

    AQ131A has good idle and prop speeds up when not in water. Once in water the boat will hesitate to reach 4000 rpms. The max speed is 20mph. I did notice a very small drip on the fine filter screw. Can this be a fuel issue or distributor/spark plugs issue? Thanks.

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    Default Need more info... If your boa

    Need more info...
    If your boat is a 25 ft boat then you don't have a problem... if its a 16 ft boat...that's another story.
    also... is this a new problem or a new to you boat???
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    Default "Robert, I have a 16ft. This i

    "Robert, I have a 16ft. This is a new problem. Thanks."

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    Default "Good Day. Looking at other po

    "Good Day. Looking at other post recommendations i performed the following:
    -Checked the fine fuel filter, fuel filter and they do not seem to be clogged.
    -Checked the anti-syphon valve and it does not seem to be stuck ( the ball is visible and when i push it in it comes back out).
    -Compresion on all cylinders is 150.
    -When I move the throttle i see fuel comming through the jet continously throughtout the movement of the lever.
    -I cleaned the distributor cap since it had some grime.
    - Fuel is still visible under the accelaration pump or fine fuel filter.

    Anything else to check before i try taking it out for a run? Thanks for all your help. [img][/img]"

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    Default "I would check the ignition ti

    "I would check the ignition timing, the condition and setting of the points (that is, if you still haven't upgraded to electronic ignition ) and make sure the centrifugal advance in the distributor works. Also, make sure you don't have a bent propeller blade, though you probably would feel a higher level of vibration if that was the case."

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    Default Thanks El for your response. P

    Thanks El for your response. Pardon my ignorance but how do I do this? I have a Seloc manual. Still dealing with points but thinking of upgrading soon because of everyone recommending them on here. Everyone says it is easy to change to Pertronix but do we have to perform a complete timing when we upgrade? No vibration is noticeable.

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    Default "Jose D Luna, to check the ign

    "Jose D Luna, to check the ignition timing you need a timing light. You can either borrow one from a friend or a neighbour, rent one, or just buy a basic one. To use a timing light, you just have to spot the ignition lead going from the distributor to #1 spark plug and put the magnetic pick-up around it, then connect the two alligator clips to the battery (red to +, black to -), start the engine and point the flashing light towards the crankshaft pulley. The stroboscopic effect will "freeze" the rotating crankshaft pulley so that you can see position of its mark relative to the index marks on the block. This procedure is for a car, but it is identical for an inboard/outboard engine.


    For setting the points (this should be done before setting the ignition timing) you can either check the gap when they are open, or even better use a dwell meter. I don't know if this video clip may help, bu the instructions in Seloc should guide you.


    This other video shows the installation of a Pertronix kit on a Bosch distributor similar to yours, but it misses an important step, which is securing the module to the distributor after gapping it. I am including this video to show you how simple it is the conversion from points to electronic ignition, but if you do it please use the instructions that come with the kit.


    Good luck."

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    Default Good Day. Checked the timing a

    Good Day. Checked the timing and it appears to be good. As previously posted I cleaned the distributor cap since it had some grime on it. Took the boat out for a ride and although it hesitated a little (not even close to the hesitation before) it got up to 25-28 mph and 4500 rpm. I think it is time to upgrade to pertronix. Is it required to set timing once it is installed? Thanks all for your support.

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    Default "Yes, you should verify the ti

    "Yes, you should verify the timing after installing a Pertronix electronic ignition unit."

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