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    Default "I just receive 2 weeks ago in

    "I just receive 2 weeks ago in Europe new Chaparral ssi 235 with Volvo 5.0 GXI MPI engine. At the begining I was running the boat slowly because of the new engine. After 10 hours of running in about 2-3 days I started to fill the speed of the boat. The problem begin if the fuel tank is full and if 4 adults are on the boat it plane very hard. Everybody need to come at the front of the boat, the trim is down and we must wait approx 30 sec after full throtle in order to begining to plane. It seems that is sticking on 2500-2600 RPMs and hardly reaches 2800. When reach 2800 then easy is going up to 3600 and its running well. If I go on longer distances after 20 min of driving it seems that is loosing power. Instead of 70% throtle I need to push 100% in order to keep the same RPMs (ex 3200) and the engine is becoming louder. Its quiet only when it's cool!? The boat now has 35 hours only, its almost new and this problem really frusrates. The boat is designed for up to 12 persons and if 8 people enter it will never plane even with half or 1/4 tank. Any idea how I can fix this problem, maybe how I can tune so to have more power between 2500 - 2800 RPMs. Thank You"

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    Default Back to the dealer and get som

    Back to the dealer and get some props that fits your usage!

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    Default ""Designed for up to 12 pe

    ""Designed for up to 12 people"... That's the USCG safety limit, not a carrying capacity at which the boat will operate normally.

    5.0L is not a whole lot of engine for a 23 ft boat. It takes torgue to spin a prop. Since HP is proportional to Torque times RPM, small displacemetn engines get their rated HP at higher RPMS. As you observed, you don't have enough torque at midrange to spin your props.

    You will find that the boat with only one or two on it will plane nicely. If you are going to routinely have a large number of people on board, then per Morton's post, have the props changed. You will loose some top speed, but you will plane more easily. You will have to be careful , when running lightly loaded to not exceed maximum allowed RPMS.

    Incidently, the boat capacity plate assumes that people weigh no more than 140 lbs each."
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    Default "I have the same problem with

    "I have the same problem with my Monterey 220 deck boat...same 5.0GXI..I had to re-prop to a 4-blade SS...To get the best for wakeboarding and larger loads...Good luck..I tried three different props untill I found this SS 4 blade..It works best...Try this site,it helped me find my prop

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    Default Thank you all for your help. I

    Thank you all for your help. I just returned from a weekend on the boat. Definitely I will need to change the props. with 6 people I can plane only if everybody come to front and keeping the full throttle approx 45 seconds. Since the boat is with two props - duoprop any recommendation on the prop type? I try this link but it gives me only single prop options...
    Thank you

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    Default "I have a glastron 229 with th

    "I have a glastron 229 with the 5.0 gi, not gxi. i am at 3900 ft and run a F4 set of blades, i run a F3 at 6600ft (lake powell and flaming george). my guess is yours was shipped with a F5 (21P) talk to your dealer about trying props till you get the right prop."

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    Default Current propellers are: VOLVO

    Current propellers are:
    Anybody have sugestions for the appropriate props for more weight?
    Thank you

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    Default "ok see, shipped with F5, what

    "ok see, shipped with F5, what is elevation, what is weight, with the RPM your giving, I am not sure what you need. your Wide Open Throttle rpm shoud be 4800-5100 with a 5.0gxi. WOT your saying is 3900rpm? I would guess if thats so you need a F3 blade set, can sell you mine for $750 plus shipping, half price You shouldnt have to pay for new blades. Talk to your dealer, your still under warrente and they should trade out blades with you so that your WOT spec is reached and you dont damage the engine."

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    Default Thank you for your advices. I

    Thank you for your advices. I will prefer to start with F4 propelers - one size smaller. I'm running at approx 2000 ft. So based on previous advices I should use the 4 blades type propellers. I'm based in Europe so your advice where to purchase from in the US will be appreciated. Thank you

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    Default "ok, you have a dp-osi or a dp

    "ok, you have a dp-osi or a dp-s, sorry no 4 blade configurations. for every pitch you drop your doing 4-500 rpm with the dp. and at 3900 rpm you need 1000 rpm, hence F3, but if your dealer lets you play with props, then by all means go for the F4, you want to see 5000 rpm on that motor at full throttle, half tank of gas and 2 people or your lugging the engine. other wise your looking at $1500 american plus shipping every time you want to try and new set of props."

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