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    Default "I have a 454xl in my 96 Carve

    "I have a 454xl in my 96 Carver that is starving for fuel. I have checked the pickups in the tank, changed all filters, and swapped carbs from starbord to port. By the way the port engine runs great and the fuel tank is common. I suspect the fuel pump (electric). Any thought or similar problems."

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    Default change the fuel pump

    change the fuel pump

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    Default "Could be the pump - a pressur

    "Could be the pump - a pressure tester is a lot cheaper than a new pump. Anti-syphon valve(s) installed at the tank pickup? they have been known to go whacky and cause all kinds of issues. sounds simple but check the shutoff valve to make sure its fully open. Could be an air leak in the fuel line, too....loose clamp or fitting not tight.

    You can also check the voltage at the pump...a corroded connector can cause a voltage drop and make the pump unhappy."

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