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    Default "I had a water pump go out mid

    "I had a water pump go out mid-lake and overheated my crusaders 350/270 port side motor quite badly (lot of smoke). A mechanic is going to look at it for me later this week, wondering what my best case/worst case scenarios would be on this. If the motor has to be completely replaced, what would be the advantage of a crusader vs something cheaper? Lastly, how do I know whether the port side motor is standard or reverse rotation. Thanks, any advise is welcome."

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    Default "best case - new impellor in t

    "best case - new impellor in the pump/new pump.

    worst case - new engine...all depends upon how long it ran hot and what got hurt.

    price mostly...if you get something else, you may lose the ability to have interchangability between the engines - more spares......

    The port engine will be left-handed (standard) under you have that 'backwards' velvet drive - something around 1.9:1. If they are originals, the serial number plate will have a LH or RH at the number, stamped on the plate at the flywheel cover (bell housing)."

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    Default "I will always buy Crusader. I

    "I will always buy Crusader. I bought 2 motors a few years back. I installed them in my chris craft but didn't get the restoration done in another year. They shipped them dry but left one drain plug in. It froze and cracked the block of an engine with 0 hours on it 2 months after the warranty was out. I called them up and they told me to send it back they will replace the block and pay for shipping. I had it back in about 2 weeks no questions asked. I think alot of manufacturers would have tried to blame me for not checking that the plugs were removed(a fair arguement in my opinion)or say it is outside the warranty or that I used it a season and I didn't winterize it properly. Anyway, I would stick with Crusaders."

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