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Thread: Eska water pump

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    Default I have a 1974 eska 5 hp model

    I have a 1974 eska 5 hp model 1705f with a techumseh 600 power head. My question is that once its running for a while it loses power(overheating). Does the water exiting "spit/mist" or should it be "peeing" out?

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    Default "The water is just a spritz==

    "The water is just a spritz== it is actually a small shelf in the exhaust the catches some water and is blown out the holes by exhaust pressure.

    What makes you think it is over heating? They run real hot any way. What oil are you using. It should be chain saw oil, or the like. Try mixing at 24/1 and see if it makes a difference, you may have a vacuum leak, that will make it run hot."

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