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    Default changing the original starters

    changing the original starters on my 85 270 crusaders cant believe they lasted that long. there is a solenoid on the starter and a seperate ford style solenoid mounted on a bracket and a 50 amp breaker.any thoughts on the 2nd solenoid? also found a plate with timing marks on top of the trans.is this what is used to set the engine timing...and if so how in the world do you do it with the heat exchanger in place??

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    Default "That 'ford style' sol

    "That 'ford style' solenoid is the slave solenoid. after 25 years, I wouldn't hesitate to change it, too. The replacement solenoids come in two versions - grounding their coil thru the frame or via a dedicated ground lug. either will work - you may have to add the dedicated wire if you get that flavor.

    That plate can be used to set the timing. its marks line up with ones on the flywheel. They are probably rusted up pretty good. if you want to use them, rotate the crank to get #1 around TDC. Then look on the flywheel, there will be two marks. One is for TDC and the other is the initial timing. i think they are two radially aligned center punch 'divots' and a straight radial line, respectively. You need to get your head down there or use a mirror to make use of the plate.

    You can also use the traditional tab up at the balancer."

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