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Thread: Exhaust Leak

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    Default "Twin Crusader 6.0's in a

    "Twin Crusader 6.0's in a 2004 Pursuit 3100.
    Is there a quick way to pinpoint an exhaust leak?
    After running at 6 to 8 knots, the CO monitor in the cabin goes off indicating high CO. I don't know how the CO is getting into the cabin because all the ports and sliding cabin door are closed. I have put a house type CO alarm in the engins compartment and it registers a high number when the port engine is running at idle.
    I suspect the gasket between the exhaust manifold and the riser but I don't have any hard evidence to reinforce that.
    Is there a CO sniffer that I can pass around the engine to find the leak?
    By the way, I just came across this forum and there are tons of good info."

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    Default "Here's a good post captur

    "Here's a good post capturing your topic of interest:
    It's a good starting point.

    They make CO 'sniffers' but they are most frequently used in the furnace service industry. If you have a furnace/boiler tech in your rolodex, it may be worth the call.

    Above all, be careful working in that environment - it's been lethal many timems in the past."

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    Default "Thanks for the response. Rig

    "Thanks for the response.
    Right, I know to be careful with CO."

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    Default "I read an artical a few years

    "I read an artical a few years ago where the CO was getting in the cabin while at an idle and it came in through the sink drain of all places. Unless the weather is really bad I usualy run with the bow hatch open to provide fresh air, but I get a bit of station wagon effect with my boat."

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    Default "Good point. We have a CO mon

    "Good point. We have a CO monitor in the galley, and it has been know to go off in cold weather if we close the helm windows.


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