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    Default "2cyl gas engine runs out of f

    "2cyl gas engine runs out of fuel and seems to be fuel pump failure, lift pump replaced, fuel lines filters and pickup checked and confirmed ok then lines primed. The engine starts then runs out of fuel.Holding the pump prime switch will not reprime the pump. Any advice greatley appreciated."

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    Default "Since you replaced everything

    "Since you replaced everything in the fuel system it is most likely not a fuel related problem.
    The generator is shutting down due to either low oil pressure or faulty LOP sensor, a faulty high exhaust or coolant temp sensor. It will seem like it is running out of fuel but in fact is shutting down as it is meant to when a fault occurs.
    Check to make sure the oil pump is working by using a static gauge and starting the unit, note if oil pressure rises before it shuts down. If no pressure then the oil pump has failed. If it has pressure then the sensor may be bad. This can be jumped out to check. Do not jump out LOP sensor before proving that you have oil pressure as it will destroy the engine. If by-passing the LOP sensor does not work move onto the other sensors until you find the culprit. Replace the sensor that is faulty, do not run the generator with sensors jumped out for any time other than is required for the testing as damage and or a fire can occur.
    Good Luck"

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    Default I have seen this problem when

    I have seen this problem when a leaf was floatng around in a fuel tank. When fuel was being drawn it would stop the flow. When the unit sits the leaf would float away and the unit would run until it happened again.(Just a thought) If this is a 3.0BPMG there is other factors at work here that we have seen a lot of. Will send a post later if this is the case.

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