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    Default "I have dual V6 crusader inboa

    "I have dual V6 crusader inboards on a 25' chriscraft.
    I am new to boating and have a couple questions regarding my engines and how they should run.

    At what RPM should me engines idle?
    Right now starboard is at 700 and port is like 400-500. i know i need to make them match, but should i raise the port side or lower the starboard side?

    What is a good oil pressure for these engines?
    Right now they are sitting around 44. both engines are the same. pressure kinda seems to vary at different speeds.

    At what RPM do you think WOT should be?
    I have only taken it to about 2500. what do you think a good safe WOT should be set at?

    How can i find out what type of transmission i have? what is usually paired with these engines?
    Since i am new to docking, i am constantly taking it in and out of gear trying to get lined up correctly with the dock. am i hurting the transmissions by doing this so much?

    These engines were rebuilt in 2000 (so i was told) with about 500hrs on them after the rebuild (i was told) there are no engine counters so i really have no clue to the actual numbers.

    Thanks for your help on these questions. i know some of them are stupid but i really need to know so i dont damage my boat."

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    Default "Most of your questions should

    "Most of your questions should be answered in the owners manual - which should be available from Crusader if you don't have one.

    idle - 700 is better than 4-500.

    oil pressure - current reading are fine - pressure with vary with RPM and operating temp.

    WOT RPM - you'll get lots of responses here - I vote for the manufacturer's recommendations - should be able to turn the props at 4000 rpm (memory here, if book shows different, go w/ the book).

    Velvet Drive gears are standard issue in the 80's. there should be a plate on the gear which will give you the model #. the ratio should be on the engine plate, on the flywheel cover. In and out of gear won't hurt the gear as long as 1) the engine RPM is under 1000 (less is better) & 2) you give the prop shaft a second or two to slow (preferrably stop)."

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