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Thread: Vacuflush

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    Default "I know this may be off point

    "I know this may be off point for this forum, but I didn't know where else to go.
    My Vacuflush doesn't turn on & build pressure after I flush the toilet. I've cleared the lines to be sure there's no blockage. When I jump the pressure switch, the pump kicks on & builds pressure, then it seems I can flush again. I would think that means the switch is bad, but on another web-site I looked at makes it sound like the normal sympton of a bad switch is that the pump doesn't stop running, & my problem is the opposite. Ahy thoughts/experience? Thanks"

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    Default "If nobody can help you here t

    "If nobody can help you here try posting your question on www.thehulltruth.com or www.boatered.com"

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    Default "Ken - SeaLand's manuals a

    "Ken - SeaLand's manuals are on-line, at several www sites. They used to have good troubleshooting sections. Depending how the switch fails, it can cause NO-RUN or NO-SHUTOFF conditions. I haven't seen one in a while but I remember them having vacuum pumps vs pressure pumps - same idea but opposite sense.

    I'd bet a hand-held vacuum pump could be used to actuate the mechanical side of the switch so you can check it with an ohm meter. Get that manual and see what the switch's set point is and have at it."

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    Default The switch is right on the end

    The switch is right on the end of the vacuum tank (I'd guess that you know that if you've jumpered it out). There is an adjustment screw in the assembly to adjust the vacuum pressure. I had to remove my switch and add a couple a stainless washers to shim it out a bit to get the lower vacuum pressure that I wanted - not enough adjustment. It's a bear to get back assembled because you have to fight the return spring pressure to get the adjustment screw restarted. If you take it off you can easily test for a failed switch with an ohm meter. The switch is normally closed. It is opened by pulling vacuum pressure in the tank and the diaphram pulls away from the switch causing it to open and stop the pump.

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    Default "You have a vacuum leak somewh

    "You have a vacuum leak somewhere. (It works via vacuum, not pressure.) Is the bowkl holding water? If not, that's the problem.


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