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    Default "Hi, I have a FWC 2004 6.0


    I have a FWC 2004 6.0 MPI that has a slight leak on gasket between exhaust elbow and exhaust manifold.

    I need to replace gasket.

    1. Should I use thin coating Mercruiser Perfect Seal on gasket surfaces prior to installation?

    2. What is the torque recommendation on the 4 bolts?

    3. Does coolant need to be drained prior to removing elbow?


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    Default "1 - won't hurt anything

    "1 - won't hurt anything

    2 - 25 ft*#

    3 - good idea to drain the manifold.

    make sure both gasket surfaces are clean, true (flat), and dry before reassembly."

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    Default "I'm gonna sound like a br

    "I'm gonna sound like a broken record... Torque wrenches are worse than nothing useless the threads--male and female--are spotlessly clean and properly lubricated.

    In other words, throw the torque wrench away and use common sense: Tighten it down 'til it feels nice and tight, then add a flat or two. Ran the motor 'til it's fully warmed up, then add another flat or two.

    More joints end up leaking and blowing the gasket out due to good torque wrenche use than anything else! Trust me this, I've been at it over 50 years.


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    Default "Jeff, What's a flat?"

    "Jeff, What's a flat?"

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    Default One sixth of a turn. Hex nuts

    One sixth of a turn. Hex nuts have 6 flats.


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