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    Default "As some of you may know, find

    "As some of you may know, finding parts for the 165 hp 229 V6 Crusader can be a challenge. After smoking an exhaust hose last week, it is finally time to replace the risers and elbows. When Looking for the risers and elbows I only see the one listed for the V8 that look very similar with a 3" outlet. Does anyone know if these risers and elbows will work for the V6 as well.


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    Default "Most of the 'older' 3

    "Most of the 'older' 3" outlet elbows interchange across all engines with the 'log style' manifolds.

    If you have a specific part number, best to call MFG's tech support department and confirm before you order."

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    Default I too have an older 229ci. Tho

    I too have an older 229ci. Those 3" elbows for the small block chevy worked fine when I swapped mine. Several years later I had to replace the manifolds as well and there are no log style options available anymore for that engine so I went with OSCO center rise manifolds/elbows.

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