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    Default "Went out last week for the fi

    "Went out last week for the first time this year and I had a strange thing happen...
    Now, without troubleshooting myself I thought I would run this past a few of you experts.

    My Port Engine would not go above 2600 RPM and I decided to come back to the slip and see what may be happening. While returning I all of a sudden had more power as if someone had literally hit a light switch and it ran great for a few hundred yards and then went back down in power.
    Does anyone have a suggestion where to start?"

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    Default "if both engines 'drink

    "if both engines 'drink' from the same tank, I'd check the timing advance mechanism on an OEM distributor first. then check the fuel filters.

    If they have separate tanks, check same items, but in reverse order.

    Other things, beyond the two above, include plug wires breaking down and cross fire inside the distributor cap."

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