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    Default anyone know the correct plugs

    anyone know the correct plugs for a 1985 350 crusader? and has anyone switched over the point/condenser distributers to the electronic conversions with any luck?

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    Default "AC/Delco MR43T; .035 gap, un

    "AC/Delco MR43T; .035 gap, unless the ignition system is high energy, then you can go to .045 or so. Who made the distributor?"

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    Default "I prefer the NGK's - BPR6

    "I prefer the NGK's - BPR6FS.

    Several have done the conversion and several have gone with full electronic replacements - use the search button at the top of the page for more details.

    I prefer the full electronic distributors. Replacing the points with a firctionless pickup is good but it doesn't eliminate the corrosion issues with the advance weights, springs, and posts. The ocean salt environment was my biggest factor."

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    Default MR 43T I believe is the consen

    MR 43T I believe is the consensus I believe particularly for higher hour motors.

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    Default I have used both... I am curre

    I have used both... I am currently using the MR43's with a .045 gap and the BIGGEST reason for that is that I bought a box of 50 NOS plugs last year....I have had no trouble with either ONCE MY OTHER PROBLEMS WERE DEALT WITH

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    Default I use AC/Delco MR43T with .035

    I use AC/Delco MR43T with .035 gap. I get them at NAPA cheaper than other places I've been to.

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