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    Default "hello everybody, as said b

    "hello everybody,

    as said before I just overhauled a Detroit 6 71 and when that job was finished, the mechanic who was running this operation told me that I did not need to put back the intercooler which was installed previously on the old engine. According to him, the fact that I had changed the injectors from 90 to 70 allows me to forget about the intercooler.
    I have a serious problem with that statement as it seems to me that the role of the intercooler is to cool the air before going inside the blower and has nothing to do with the injectors.

    any advice on this ??? my gut feeling is to put back this intercooler.
    thank you in advance


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    Default put it back in

    put it back in

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    Default Re: "hello everybody, as said b


    just reading through some posts on charge air coolers, I found this one, did you forget about the charge air cooler or did you install one in the end. I do not understand why somebody would say that you dont need an intercooler.
    I work for a company called Vestas aircoil who design and manufacture charge air coolers for large diesel engines, it is important to cool the air down from the charge air cooler as this will increase the density which improves the oxygen content thus improving the combustion in the engine.

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    Default Re: Intercooler Detroit 6 71

    Well...I would use any cooler available to me if I had one....They all improve combustion by providing air that is more dense.

    Coolers....the three types....charge air.....intercooler....and aftercooler... were developed for these engines to combat the heating of incoming air due to compression.

    The compression comes from turbocharging. If that engine is turbocharged....you had BETTER put the intercooler back in. I don't know of any Detroit mechanic in his right mind that would have you leave it out of a turbocharged intake system.

    It is MUCH more likely that a good tech would have you ADDING another cooler rather than taking one away.

    Just sayin'

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