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    Default "Hi Guys, i have a 315hp carb

    "Hi Guys,
    i have a 315hp carbed Crusader with a Mallory electronic ign. Sometimes it has no spark and refuses to start. Other times it's ok,I repl the ballast and ignition coil along with the upgraded ignition module in the dist.I've wiggle tested the wiring harness while running and it's ok.Voltages and grnds to ign. sys. seem ok.It never dies out .It just has no spark after running. Please help.
    Thanks Jon Allen"

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    Default Ignition switch? Jeff

    Ignition switch?


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    Default ""It never dies out .It ju

    ""It never dies out .It just has no spark after running."

    Sounds like something in the ignition side doesn't like to be warm (from running) AND work with low voltage (during starting). I'm thinking an electronic, maybe connector issue. You might consider heating up the ignition module area with a hair dryer to operating temperature and then try a start."

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