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    Default "Thanks to your assistance, we

    "Thanks to your assistance, we have determined that I must replace the oil pump in my 1986 Carver Mariner's 270 HP Crusader port engine. Anyone know where I can buy one quickly as I can not find one locally and I have an offer to buy my boat, and need to make this repair ASAP. The deal will fall apart if I do not find one quickly. Thanks, Dick Burkhard"

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    Default "I think you can get a federal

    "I think you can get a federal mogul (used to be branded as sealed power) pump for a small bock chevy at any good auto parts store.

    You could also call Andrew (the guy that runs this site) and he could probably overnight you one from one of the warehouses. See the 'contact us' button at the top of the page.

    If that doesn't work try this and you want an OEM sticker, try Rick at Line Six Services, who's a frequent contributor to this board, and a Crusader Premier Dealer."

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