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    Default I just bought a little fish bo

    I just bought a little fish boat that came with a 74 eska 5hp. Would anyone have any fuel ratio info? The motor start on the third pull then runs fine at full throttle for about 5-8 min before slowly bogging down and finally dying. I have to wait about 5 min before trying to start it again when it runs again and then repeats the process. Thanks for any help.

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    Default "make sure vent on fuel cap is

    "make sure vent on fuel cap is clear / open as it sounds like a vacum is the cause ,,, air has to get in as fuel is used"

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    Default You should be running 24/1 cha

    You should be running 24/1 chain saw oil in that. AND it does have a water pump to keep the bottom bearing and seal alive. If you would like a book for it e-mail me. And clear that cap vent as advised.

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    Default Re: 1974 eska 5hp

    I own a 1975 Eska 5.5 HP outboard. It runs on 32:1 gas/oil mix. If you have the original vented gas tank cap, it has a three part construction that can be disassembled to clean to assure you have a good vent hole for the gas feed.

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    Default Re: You should be running 24/1 cha

    I need the book too. How can I contact you ?

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