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    Default "I just replaced the water pum

    "I just replaced the water pump on my Yamaha 150hp OX66 and now it won't go in gear, what did I do wrong?"

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    Default "I disengaged the linkage and

    "I disengaged the linkage and and the throttle works. I lowered the foot and can turn prop, I raised the foot and can not turn prop or engage from controls."

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    Default After you replaced the impelle

    After you replaced the impeller and as you reassembled did you make sure you lined up and install the small shaft (shifter shaft with splines) in the correct position. I have seem this installed incorrectly in the past. Shaft located in the front section of lower unit on very top section. Also reconnect the small hose that reads water pressure for your speed if you still use it.

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    Default "Thanks,after some trouble sho

    "Thanks,after some trouble shooting Idid find that the throttle linkage was misaligned. Lessoned learned"

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