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    Default "I just purchased a vessel 

    "I just purchased a vessel (1984) with twin Crusader 454's with 800 hours. Engines look clean (no rust, over spray, cracked hoses or belts, no loose connections, etc.) I've had a lot of experience with outboards, but I've never owned inboards. Can anyone give me any info on these 1984 engines? Is 800 hours considered high hours? Any information regarding these engines would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default "Gary, Like any other poorly

    "Gary, Like any other poorly cared for or well cared for engines, it depends. If you have the energy, do some simple tests like compression and heat gun temperature measurements. Use this with you own performance eval and start from there. Check or change fluids and possibly get an oil analysis...mine was very informative for $22. per engine

    My engines have about 800 hours on them but the previous maintenance was junk. Had to do a valve job and cooling system change at 600. Man, they sure run good now"

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    Default Thanks for the info. I had a c

    Thanks for the info. I had a compression test and oil analysis done prior to purchasing the vessel and everything seemed OK. I'm betting that the previous owner keep up with the maintenance. The mechanic said that he worked on this vessel and the previous owner kept up with his maintenance.

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    Default "If you have the Crusader Engi

    "If you have the Crusader Engine manuals, read them. if not, go to Crusader's www site and get one of the newer ones to get an idea of what 'maintenance' means. You can inquire to see if they can get you the correct version, too. Little things like a zinc pencil can cause hundreds of $$$ in damage (overheating) if neglected."

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    Default "I have the 350s (350HP/45

    "I have the 350s (350HP/454CI) in my 83 Carver, and they are doing great. I'm closing in on 1000 hrs and have no complaints. Are you in salt water or freshwater. I'm in freshwater and have a raw cooled system. A few years ago I suspected that I got plenty of life out of the original manifolds and risers and replaced them all when I did the hoses. Upon inspection of the old ones, they appeared in fine shape, although I didn't really x-ray them or anything to see if there were really any problems that would not be visible. There appeared to be no corrosion or blockage. I also replaced all the hydraulic hoses a few years ago too.

    I have done nothing other than maintenance on the internals of the engines. I did rebuild the carbs about 10 years ago and converted the distributors to electronic ignition. I use synthetic oil religiously too.

    I agree with makomark... get the manuals!"

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