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    Default "I have a pontoon boat that I

    "I have a pontoon boat that I can adjust the transom height on. What is the ideal position of the center of the prop in relation to the bottom of the keel? Does anyone know? "

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    Default "Pontoon's can be challeng

    "Pontoon's can be challenging to rig for a couple reasons - there are no "standards", so each mfg makes them a little differently and they kinda display the properties of a semi-displacement hull but they tend to be factory rigged as if they were a planing hull.

    So your best bet is to draw an imaginary line between the lowest point of the pontoons themself at the back of the boat.

    The cavitation plate of the lower unit should be directly in line with that "imaginary" line. That should be your starting point for making fine trim adjustments (so the entire prop should be below the lowest point of the pontoon).

    That will ensure, that if the pods do manage to plane out you won't suck air and fry your powerhead from lack of cooling water."

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