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    Default "I have a little 2.5 hp on a f

    "I have a little 2.5 hp on a freighter canoe. When under power, the steering is very, very stiff, and I see that there are some minor grooves being worn in the motor lower unit where it contacts the teflon ?? bushing. I grease this bushing regularly with lithium grease and have backed off the tension screw almost to zero, but it is almost a two hander to turn the motor under power. At slow speeds there is no problem. Any ideas? Thanks folks."

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    Default "Hi Larry,the force of thrust

    "Hi Larry,the force of thrust must be twisting the motor inside the tube.can u recreate that force with it on the boat on land,to c if it still binds up.may have to remove bushes and renew ,especially the upper one."

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