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    Default "hi there ive been browsing th

    "hi there ive been browsing this forum for months and have found some great information from you guys.

    i have a yamaha 90 1987 which i bought about a month ago. When i go out on my local river i have to do 8 knots through about a mile of moorings before i can open the taps. Through the moorings running at 8 knots i think the engine is only fireing on 2 cylinders as when i rev it just a little more the boat launches itself forward and a big boost in power comes out of the engine.(but doesnt rev alot more, just more power). Then after getting through the moorings on the river theres no speed limits so i slowly open the taps and it runs fine after the big boost. After about a minuet the engine just dies and i have to wait a min or two before it will restart.

    if any one could help or anyone has any ideas i would be very greatful

    if u need anymore info ill try my best to explain it in more detail



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    Default "if it runs at low speed but n

    "if it runs at low speed but not high speed then probably a fuel delivery issue, tank vent, fuel lines, bulb, filters, fuel pump, fresh/clean fuel? carbs clean?...check it out and good luck!"

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    Default "yesturday i found the problem

    "yesturday i found the problem to the high speed fuel delivery, the seal for the fuel filter was nackered so ive changed that and took her out today and she was fine at high speeds absolutly perfect!!!

    but just around 2500rpm, if u just tap the accelorator down a tiny bit more then the boat revs to around 4750 rpm's. its really wierd has any one got any ideas?

    thanks mike"

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