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    Default "replaced unit last year (

    "replaced unit last year (used) has worked fine since replacemant. Yesterday, after i engeaged in foward, it "clunked" like it wasnt all the may in gear. then about 5 min later it did it again, then a few min later again. it startede to rain, headed to dock and loaded up.
    I have a new shift cable, i am going to install. Could it be just that? what else should I be looking for?
    If its the outdrive, I am done with this boat!

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    Default "yes it could be the shift cab

    "yes it could be the shift cable. when you replace the cable go to this web address and read carefully and reread it a few times. the cobra drives are very tempraental when it comes to getting them adjusted correctly. good luck www.hastings.org/~stuart/cobra/ if you are done with the boat let me know I am always looking for boat projects"

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