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    Default "This post is kind of a contin

    "This post is kind of a continuance from my last post "shift linkage????" I am going to take my lower unit apart this weekend, and diagnose my problem, and I need help with a few things. I talked to the local omc stringer mechanic, and he said that the clutch dog, and forward gear are probably both out. Are they the same thing, or do they just go out at the same time. He also told me if that is the case I would be looking at a complete lower unit rebuild. He said that I might be able to get a few more hrs out of it by adjusting my shift linkage more towards forward gear, but I should be on the look out for a well-priced lower unit. Do you guys agree, or can I just get a clutch dog? What about the adjusting the linkage idea. Good or bad? Things to note. I have a 79' stringer 800 hydro mechanical drive mated to a 351 ford. Thanks for your input."

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    Default "the clutch dog engages with t

    "the clutch dog engages with the forward and reverse gear faces, they can me machined good again depending on how bad they are. adjusting the linkage will only gain you a little time. 351 puts out some good HP.. replace the gears or the lower."

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