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    Default "Took my boat out yesterday an

    "Took my boat out yesterday and decided to change the engine oil when I got back since the oil was still warm. Engine is a V-8 OMC/GM 305cid 5.0 liter engine and an 800 Stringer on a 1985 Bayliner Trophy. I ended up siphoning out 10 quarts of engine oil instead of the usual 4 or 5 this engine requires to my amazement!

    This is my first oil change in this boat since I purchased it last summer, previous owner had changed oil just before I purchased it. I have always checked the oil level before every trip out and it has been at the FULL level on the dipstick every time. The oil did not contain water or fuel in it. So any ideas? I donít believe the oil pan is a larger high capacity one. The previous owner did install a high volume oil pump in the engine when the engine was rebuilt in 2007. Possibly the wrong dipstick length? It looks like a normal Chevy V-8 dipstick.

    Looking to see if anyone has any ideas that I am missing or has anyone come across the same situation. Thanks! - Gerry"

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    Default "Couple of things that mush oi

    "Couple of things that mush oil and no high capacity pan you would know it believe me it would not run smooth, the oil would get aerated, the pistons would be under oil,oil would shoot out the valve cover holes into the carb, just believe me you would know it.

    Now to the high volume oil pump, it would suck the pan dry, if there wasn't a 10 quart pan.

    What would happen, is the motor would blow up.

    Finally whoever built this motor was a race car rebuilder and NOT A MARINE BUILDER.

    Not that this motor won't go, but i don't know what other changes were made to cam, crank, pistons.

    Everything i posted above, is derived from your post stating there was NO WATER, OR FUEL IN THE OIL."

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    Default "If it takes 10 to get it to t

    "If it takes 10 to get it to the same place on the stick and it ran fine last summer then fill her back up to the same level and go.
    Hi volume pumps don't generally belong on marine engines, so the pan may be what's making it work.

    Watch the oil pressure. The aeration Chief refers to can cause the pressure to drop."
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