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    Default "After the last outing I had w

    "After the last outing I had with this motor, the power tilt/trim seemed very sluggish in lifting the engine. When I got home and reviewed the manual, it didn't say how to maintain or check the fluid level, it just said to contact the dealer.

    How do you check the fluid levels and add ATF (Dextron II)?"

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    Default "iv a yamaha 80hp workshop man

    "iv a yamaha 80hp workshop manual,
    to check the fluid level tilt the motor up and engage the tilt lock lever,
    open the bolt on he top of the t/t reservior ,
    the fluid should be level with the bottom of the bolt hole if not add some fluid,
    when you put the bolt back in run the tilt and trim up and down it should purge any air for out for you.
    hope this helps you out."

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    Default Thank You very much. I'll

    Thank You very much. I'll check it out this weekend. The motor has run fantastic for the 8 years I have had it.

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