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    Default "The LU on my '91 Four Win

    "The LU on my '91 Four Winns "droops" after a few days. There is plenty of fluid in the system and the T/T system works fine - the unit goes up and down with no issues. I see no leaks.

    This leads me to believe that seals in the two cylinders are shot. I see from my parts book that there is a seal kit available. Has anyone done this work? Is it straightforward? Will it address my issue? Any gotchas?

    I have a service manual, but did not see anything specific on this topic.



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    Default Chris --Just went through this

    Chris --Just went through this. It's more than likely your pump. Mind did the same thing--bought set of cylinders off ebay and outdrive still creeped down. Bought a seal kit for pump--easy to rebuild. Works perfect. Good Luck

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    Default "Same problem I had. Disconne

    "Same problem I had. Disconnect the rams and let it sit. My starboard ram would sag after 3 days. Purchased a rebuild kit, but the problem was the shaft had developed slight scratches near the full extension end. Couldn't see this until they were apart. Very hard to find new shafts, so I had some made, or else the new seals would be toast shortly.
    FYI- A rebuild kit only has enough for 1 cylinder.
    Good luck."

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